Life Enzyme 4712176360647


 Life Enzyme Products Features 

  • Product Code: 4712176360647
  • Main market in the Vietnam region 
  • Cereals and fruits and vegetables compound enzyme
  • The Enzymes Powder is of high activated  product that extracted from various essences of nature plants.
  • Enzymes  help digestion, change the ecology of bacterial flora, smooth bowel movement, facilitate metabolism, adjust constitution and physiological, increase vigor, nourish and beautify face.
  • Because the reason of vegetable in different season, the taste of this product may be somewhat different; however, it will not influence its quality and activation.
  • No artificial additives and preservatives.
  • Packing: 4 grams/sachat, total 30sachets
  • The shelf life is 3 years
  • Manufactured by Taiwan, Ta Hsuan Biotechnology Co.,Ltd